What book are you reading right now?

If you do enjoy reading, what book are you reading right now? I just started reading”We’ll always have Paris“.  Written by Jennifer Coburn, it is a memoir about a mother’s fear of dying overcome when she and her daughter decide to embark on an adventure around Europe.   It is a warm coming of age story that teaches you to truly live and face your fears(Might make a great movie).

I’m only a few pages in, so far so good.

What books do you recommend?


Pretty windows

It is often said the eyes are the Windows to the soul, well I believe that windows are the soul to the house. They tell a story of who might live there, how old the house could be. In my opinion, Windows are the most important part of a room because if they are too small, one could feel claustrophobic, if they are dark and dank, they can make a house feel creepy. Crisp windows with nice greenery always makes a home look fresh and inviting. 

I was looking through a travel website and an old architectural magazine( from back when I was studying interior design in college) and thought how beautifully colorful some windows are in other countries. I love a beautiful rustic window with chipping shutters. Makes a place feel homely and lived in.


What’s really in your bag?

Another intersection of art and style. This series was created by artist, Bobby Doherty, who analyzes the juxtaposition of the contents in our bags and the weight of what’s carried. 

Makes you think, is it really necessary to carry around all that weight?  It’s difficult to be minimalist with what I carry around though. Sometimes I might just take my wallet when it’s only me, but then my lips and hands get chapped all the time, so I carry around chopstick, and lotion(sometimes a small tube isn’t enough). Then there is the makeup issue. What if I have to be somewhere at the spur of the moment? I do want to be put together and makeovers to melt off my face, so I always have to reapply. Then there are my toddlers things/ diapers, wipes, extra shirt in case he makes a mess when we go out to eat, extra snacks and bottled water….

After a while all that carriage gets heavy. Mostly, I’ve succombed to carrying a comfortable leather backpack so I can walk more easily while pushing a stroller.  Well, at last I look like a stylish student. Other times I have to just carry two bags, one for me and one for baby. Coming up with what to take every time I go out is an art in itself.

 Here is part of Bobby Doherty’s series:




Here is my bag when it’s just my things:


What’s in your bag, backpack or wallet?

Nominated for Blogger Award



91sP8UZThank you camerongoodwin23 for nominating me for a Blogger Award! I’m new to this blogging business and just wanted to give a special shout out to you. Thank you for supporting my blog!

I basically wanted this to be a how-to blog but since I draw inspiration from everywhere I decided to make it more of a lifestyle blog. Thank all of you that have taken the time to view, comment,like, and subscribe. I appreciate it.